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Education goals: Improve our world!

It’s really quite simple: If you want a society in which adolescents grow into adults that treat their fellow human beings and their environment with respect and responsibility , you need to give them the opportunity to learn how this can be done.

This requires a school in which the sensitivities of young adults towards social and cultural influences as well as their efforts to define themselves and their relation to society are taken seriously .

A school that does not limit itself to the classic communication of knowledge, but sets great store by personality development and critical reflection.

Campus Wien West offers even more:

As the first school worldwide, we offer a progressive curriculum for students aged 16 through 19, developed by Waldorf and Montessori teachers, which is completed with the international higher education entrance qualification, the „International Baccalaureate Diploma Programm“ (IBDP).

The IBDP is internationally acknowledged by Universities in Austria and abroad. Students are prepared for their IB-Diploma in a bilingual curriculum in German and English.

The foundation of Campus Wien West has made our deepest desire to educate young adults towards open-mindedness and global thinking attainable. You, as adolescents and parents, will sense this desire here on Campus Wien West!
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