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A paradigm shift

We are convinced that every human being carries the ability to use his or her own potential in the best way , and to find a path that is fulfilling and makes him or her happy.
As teachers, we can only surmise which path this is, and accompany young people in learning who they are and developing their full potential. With this in mind, we are building our cooperation with adolescents on several stable educational keystones:

School is not a delimited institution, but a window to the world.
For 16- to 19-year-olds it is very important to grow into our society. For this reason, we work with public institutions such as museums, libraries, universities as well as social institutions– students go out into the world, a part of their studies take place outside the school ( for example: CAS projects). in addition, experts invited into the school present a part of their world to the students.

Our teachers guide students carfully , respectfully , and in a supportive manner.
Assessing students is not prioritized, but to coach them and to guide them in assessing their own performance by themselves.

Attention to self-expression.
The students are supposed to have ample opportunity to express themselves in various manners. This includes acting, philosophical debate, creative arts and athletics.

A Healthy lifestyle is important to us.
This includes a healthy diet and exercise, just as the critical analysis of for instance the appropriate use of the media or the choice of recreational activities. Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to get to know themselves and to find out what is good and healthy for them.

Teachers are role models, without losing their authenticity.
People who accompany adolescents on their path to adulthood have to remain open to personal further development. The experience they gain every day can be used as an opportunity to work on themselves. Life-long learning is a matter of course.

Our learning content is relevant for practice:
It goes without saying that students are taught by the newest learning methods. It is especially important for us that students understand the practical relevance of theoretical contents.
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A paradigm shift
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