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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an internationally recognized qualification that enables students to study both in Austria and abroad. This two-year program aims to educate reflective and responsible young people who contribute to a peaceful word. There are around 5,600 IB World Schools® worldwide, 18 of them in Austria.

All IB World Schools® follow the same curriculum worldwide. Students choose one subject from each of five subject groups: first language, foreign language, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics. As the sixth subject, art or a subject from one of the five other subject groups can be chosen. Please contact Jutta Zopf, IB coordinator, (+43 680 55 77 573) for information on the exact range of subjects on offer.
Furthermore, there are three additional aspects that form the core of the IBDP, distinguish it from other curricula and thus make the IBDP curriculum unique. The three core elements of the IBDP are:

1) Extended Essay
An independent research project for which each students selects a
problem from his or her personal field of interests, carries out research
on this subject with the support of a supervisor, and writes a 4000
word essay about it. “Extended Essays” offer challenges to the
sudents that correspond to their scientific abilities and a sound
preparationfor scientific work at the university.

2) Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
TOK is intended to encourage students to reflect on their knowledge
by investigating various fields of knowledge and understandings. TOK
supports another educational goal, namely to educate curious people
with a comprehensive, well-rounded education.

3) Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)
This is about the attainment of personal goals and empirical learning
by artistic, athletic and social activities, which in turn increases intrinsic
motivation, social commitment and supports the emotional
development. Music, arts and theatre grant lots of opportunities for

The final grade for a subject consists of the following components:

Portfolio work during the two IB years

At the end of the 2-year programme, written exams in each subject
take place and are externally assessed.

Exceptions: in Visual Arts there is no written exam. The final grade reflects the assessment of the stundetntÄs art works and their reflections on their won development. Students also write a scientific paper, the so-called Comperative Study.
In Theory of Knowledge there is also no final exam. In the second IB year students write an essay on a prescribed topic and write down their philosophical thoughts on three everyday objects in the so-called TOK exhibition.

Further information regarding IB Diploma Programme may be found at
www.ibo.org or at www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/

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